Metal Detector Accessories

Metal Detector High Accuracy with 6 x 11 DD Waterproof Coil & Full Accessories

Metal Detector High Accuracy with 6 x 11 DD Waterproof Coil & Full Accessories

Metal Detector High Accuracy with 6 x 11 DD Waterproof Coil & Full Accessories
Esplorador metal detector not only meets your detection needs, but also is easy to use. It is very suitable for beginners. 20% larger search coil can detect a maximum depth of. 10 inches (for a 25-cent coin). Which is deeper than other normal detector. Pinpoints the location of the target accurately. Our metal detector adopts intelligent chip, which has good accuracy and stability and is superior to most products on the market. The telescopic rod is suitable for users with different heights.

In addition, the handrail design can save you more energy and provide you with an easy test environment. The Light & Sensitivity of the Metal Detector is adjustable, easy to detect all kinds of treasures in any environment even if in water day or night. Displays metal type, mode, sensitivity, and battery indication.

The length of the Stem is adjustable from. Metal Detector for adults and kids.

Humanity Design makes it more comfortable when you using it. Anti Magnetic, Anti interference, No barking. Metal detector has three working modes, which can improve your detection efficiency.

All metal (non motion mode). It can detect metals in all metal mode, including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and their products, and has PP function.

You can select the target segment by setting disc ACC / rej. You can detect valuable metal objects and reject most garbage targets. You can pinpoint the target more accurately. This function is to guide you to use the correct detection distance, especially helpful for beginners.

If a metal object or highly magnetic soil is too close to the search coil, the detector will overload, and "--" will appear on LCD. If occurs, Just lift the search coil a little bit or move to a different location. When different metals are detected, it will emit low, medium and high tones, and it is applicable to all modes. Usually, the valuable metal sounds sharp, cheap metal sounds low.

So you don't have to keep your eyes on the screen but enjoy the surrounding scenery. It is better to use headphone (included) to let you focus on finding treasures without fear of the noisy environment. The host head is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Suitable for all universal earphones. A real-time reminder of your battery usage, let you know when to change the battery, you can rest assured to carry out uninterrupted detection activities. Applicable batteries: 9V alkaline battery (Included). Note: do not use "heavy duty" or carbon-zinc. Ergonomic design, s-shaped sponge handle effectively relieves wrist pressure.

The weight of the whole machine is only 1.1kg, so it is easy to hold for a long time. The backpack can be fully loaded with the detector and there is extra space for a shovel and other small tools, which is very suitable for you who like to go out to detect. Dual-purpose shovel, one end is a shovel, the other is a pick, with the functions of the shovel, pick, saw, nail puller, etc. Foldable, small in size, easy to carry. The handle can be horizontal or vertical, bendable, easy to use.

It is also a good helper for outdoor activities such as camping, setting up tents, climbing, exploring, traveling, organizing the home garden, and scientific research. The coil is fully waterproof, but the control box is not waterproof. If you detecting metal objects in water, please do not put the the control box in water. If you don't plan to use the unit for a week or more time, remove the batteries.

Batteries can leak chemicals that can destroy electronic parts. The content of trace metals in different environments is different, which will produce certain errors in the detection process.

Our professional metal detector has the function of ground balance adjustment in all metal mode, which can be adjusted according to different environments. The detection depth is stronger than other similar products in the market. The diameter of the detection coil is 6 11 inches. It is waterproof and can be detected near the beach or stream. You can use P/P to pinpoint the target after ALL METAL mode or DISC mode to find the approximate range. Once the button is pressed, the detector will become very sensitive so that you can find the target more accurately. Q:How deep does it probe?

A:The search coil of SUFFLA MD3040 is 20% larger than the normal detector, and it can detect a maximum depth of 8.7 inches (for a 25-cent coin), which is deeper than other normal detector. Q:What type of headphones work with the detector? A:Headphone with 3.5 mm jack to connect. Q:What kind of batteries work with the detector? A:003 comes with 9v batteries.

Also, you can replace them with rechargeable 9v battery. It will last 8 hours on the state of continuous detection. Q:Does the detector work well in the water or the snow climate? A:Yes, the search coil of is waterproof, you can use it in the water as usual. But can not get the control box in the water, it's not waterproof.

Q:Does it usable in saltwater? A:Yes, the search soil is waterproof and can be used in beach, soil areas. Q:I want to make a fortune, will it detect gold? A:Of course, good luck!
Metal Detector High Accuracy with 6 x 11 DD Waterproof Coil & Full Accessories